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The name CVG Wealth Management stems from our firm's origins on Coast Village Road in the small village-like town of Montecito, CA.

Coast Village Road is within the city limits of Santa Barbara in an area called Montecito. It was our goal to create a new independent firm that treats clients like family and keeps a small-town feeling, just like the community surrounding Coast Village Road. By launching our own independent firm, we can honor our roots and run our business the way we feel is best for our clients without the inherent conflicts of interest that are often present in large firms. With award-winning technology, impartial research, and broad product offerings, we are well equipped to serve you.

At CVG Wealth Management, LLC we are committed to advocating for our clients' best outcomes and experience. We have a proven track record of making timely and informed decisions on matters that may significantly impact your life and investments.

We pride ourselves on our technical flexibility, our operational resilience, and our organizational excellence.

We are growing.  View our Alaska location here:

CVG Wealth Management treats clients like family.

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